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ECOS Paints - Interior Anti-Slip Floor Paint

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ECOS Paints - Interior Anti-Slip floor paint is great for any floor that needs a little extra traction. ECOS Paints are all Zero-VOC, no odor, and simple to apply. With high-quality European pigments and a water base, your floor paint will look great and will be easy to clean up after application. For best results, use on wood or concrete floors.

For all paint ordered online, DwellSmart will call to verify your order and to determine whether or not you require color tinting. All sales of tinted paints are final. If you are not sure which paint finish option you'd like, select any option and we will adjust your order once we determine what base is required.
Country of Manufacture: US


2oz or Gallon sizes

Technical Data

Analytical Report

Safety Information

Zero VOC
No Odor
HPD Third-Party Verified

Suggested Use

Wood or Concrete Interior Floors


Stir gently and thoroughly before use and occasionally during use.

On bare concrete, the first coat can be diluted by the addition of 10% water (stir thoroughly) to help adhesion. Two coats normally needed.

Apply generously with a well-loaded brush or a narrow (6" - 10") gloss or foam roller. Floorboards - work along the length of the boards, not across. Use only the best quality soft paint brushes/rollers. Work progressively along, do not over-brush, do not lay off, do not go back over wet or drying painted areas. Allow drying at least overnight (and preferably 24 hours) between coats.

More Information on Application here

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