Our Purpose

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Just like you, Charleston is our home.

Over the past year we’ve seen our beautiful city go through a complete transformation. Beaming lights on King St. turned to boarded up shops that couldn’t afford rent as they lost their business. These are our neighbors that keep our city unique and vibrant; they give us the light and life that we associate our community with.

We’ve created Locap CHS to save these businesses, save our neighbors, and save our community.

Each year $50 million leaves Charleston on Amazon purchases alone. Over $250 million leaves our community on internet shopping in general.

Yet, with our neighbors boarding up their shops left and right, why is so much money leaving our local economy? The answer is convenience, and that’s exactly why we created Locap CHS.

Our platform allows consumers to buy whatever product or service they need in a convenient manner whilst also supporting their local economy. By bookmarking our platform, and heading directly there for any of your needs, you are ensuring that our neighbors continue to serve our community and give it the vibrancy that we love and need.

Driving Change Through Our Partnerships 

We found it ignorant to simply consider some of our Charlestonian neighbors but not all. Charleston is home to over 1,000 wounded veterans, over 1,000 unpaid family caregivers providing care to loved ones with chronic conditions/special needs, and over 1,000 people who have incredible skills but are homebound.  We have integrated with  Unbound Life to employ these capable individuals to aid us in setting up our platform. Not only are we giving them the opportunity to work in a flexible environment that allows them to work from anywhere, but we are ensuring that all members of our community are financially empowered and in turn able to support our local economy. 

Each of our actions is guided by In Place Impact, a company founded on community-based inclusion, resiliency & capitalism. We ensure that each stakeholder present in our community is able to benefit from transactions, so that profits aren’t being made at the expense of others. The company has been an active member of the Charleston community for over 7 years and has led a live-test of inclusive capitalism here in Charleston for the past 6. Due to generous volunteering from the company’s founder, Stuart Williams, In Place Impact has designed and continued to teach Impact Entrepreneurship at CofC through their prestigious ImpactX course. Keeping in line with the principles of inclusion, over 600 residents of our community have also taken the free community version of this course focused on building for-profit, impact-focused companies in Charleston. 



Unique Ranking System

Each product on Locap CHS has a unique ranking out of 11 points

Why this matters!

Locap CHS is dedicated to reviving our local Charleston economy.  Our unique ranking system allows you to make an informed, deliberate, and tangible impact with your dollar.  With Locap CHS, the money you spend remains in your community, returning Charleston to the vibrant city it was before COVID. Below, you can see the numbers behind our ranking system.

Location Sold (#/5)

5/5 - Sold in Charleston

4/5 - Sold in South Carolina

3/5 - Sold in the South

2/5 - Sold in America

1/5 - Sold in another country

Location Made (#/5)

5/5 - Made in Charleston

4/5 - Made in South Carolina

3/5 - Made in the South

2/5 - Made in America

1/5 - Made in another country

If the company is accredited by In Place Impact, they receive an additional 1 point.