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LOCAP CHS was only formed for 4 reasons. Very simply, they are:

        • Support our existing local businesses

        • Create new local businesses

        • Increase economic vibrancy in our communities

        • Help our most vulnerable neighbors


    LOCAP CHS is the brain child Mayor John Tecklenburg; Stuart Williams, the Founder and Chairman of In Place Impact; Vishal Patel, the Founder and Chairman of Unbound Life; and a group of remarkable students from The College of Charleston, Jody Bell, Caroline Greer, Rex Bingham, and Isaiah Khan.

    By integrating with In Place Impact, LOCAP CHS can help local entrepreneurs bring their innovations to life and get them funded by local investors.

    By integrating with Unbound Life, LOCAP CHS can help homebound people find appropriate full-time or part-time work.

    LOCAP CHS is a South Carolina Public Benefit Corporation and is a minority owned business.


    Unique Ranking System

    Each seller and product on LOCAP CHS is ranked in several ways

    Why this matters!

    LOCAP CHS is dedicated to reviving our local Charleston economy.  Our unique ranking system allows you to make an informed, deliberate, and tangible impact with your dollar.  With LOCAP CHS, the money you spend remains in your community, returning Charleston to the vibrant city it was before COVID. The available filters are:

    Products: Location Made - in order of the most impact

    1. Made in Charleston

    2. Made in South Carolina

    3. Made in the South

    4. Made in America

    5. Made in another country

    Products & Sellers: Badges - support your cause

    • In Place Impact Accredited Business

    • Asian Owned Business

    • Black Owned Business

    • Minority Owned Business

    • LGBTQ+ Owned Business

    • Veteran Owned Business

    • Woman Owned Business